Mass Production of MAM-T Will Start Soon
May 25, 2021
Satellite Communication Technology from Turkey to Europe
May 26, 2021
Tu-22M3 At Hmeymim Base in Syria For the First Time

The Tu-22M, the first jet bomber capable of refuelling in the air, was deployed to Hmeymim Air Base in Syria.

This is the first time three long-range Tu-22M3 aircraft have landed at Hmeymim Base. In the coming days, Russian pilots will explore a new geographical region in the Mediterranean. Upon completion of the training mission, the platforms will return to Russia.

At the same time as Russia, the United States sent the B-52H bomber to the Black Sea. Departing from Moron Air Base in Spain, the platform flew over the Mediterranean, northern Italy, the Adriatic, Hungary and Romania, reaching close to the southern borders of the Black Sea. According to reports, the B-52H was about 270-320 km from the Russian border during the flight in the western part of the Black Sea.

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