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June 10, 2018
OTOKAR Press Release
June 12, 2018
Tough Conditions, yet Robust Exhibition: KADEX 2018

Comprising a geographical area of one third of the United States and almost four times that of Turkey, Kazakhstan is the world’s 10th largest state and takes pains to maintain security.

Devoid of any access to open seas, Kazakhstan does not live a single day in peace in the Caspian Sea, constituting the only water resource for this country. On the other hand, two of the five neighbours encircling this giant country are Russia and China. Land borders amount to 13364 km. This vast country is rich in terms of underground riches, particularly fossil energy resources, while its climate is under the influence of long and tough winters. The height of land forms in this far-reaching area range from 132m to 6995m.

When the population is insufficient to control this colossal landmass, defence policy revolves around demanding more tasks from a limited number of qualified personnel. 

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