SSM’s ‘Sarsılmaz’ Decision
February 17, 2017
Future Submarine Will Be Built
February 19, 2017
The Value of X in F-X

Against the backdrop of a long period of uncertainty in Turkey as regards the F-X Project, February brought with it a major development in terms of progress. Thanks to UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s visit to Turkey, the much-awaited defence collaboration between the two countries has eventually materialised.  

Although the official title of Turkey’s F-X Program goes as National Fighter Program, it is called as Modern Fighter Program by sectorial professionals. In other terms, although political vision initially prioritised the indigeneity of the fighter, modernity of the aircraft gradually dominated the agenda. 
In the West, there is an abundance of research and development projects, which are yet to be completed. The letter “X” denotes this kind of projects in order to distinguish them from others that were finalised. Here in this issue, we sought to find the value of X, namely the basic unknown in a mathematical and physical equation.

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