BNA Becomes Nurol Control and Avionics Systems
January 2, 2023
Direct Hit by Baykar and Aselsan
January 2, 2023
Tensions Rising in the South China Sea

A Chinese warplane made a dangerous flight six meters below a US Air Force RC-135 aircraft, which is legally conducting routine operations over the South China Sea, the US military said on Thursday.

In the incident that occurred on 21st December, the US Indo-Pacific Command stated that a Chinese Navy J-11 fighter pilot “made an unsafe manoeuvre while intercepting a US Air Force RC-135 aircraft”. The statement said the Chinese pilot flew 20 feet in front of and nose of the US aircraft and “forced the RC-135 to perform avoidance manoeuvres to avoid a collision.” Additionally, the United States said the RC-135 “lawfully conducts routine operations in international airspace over the South China Sea.’’

In the tension between China and Taiwan, the USA expresses its support for Taiwan at every opportunity. The US has provided Taiwan with substantial military aid and advanced technologies to defend itself against a possible Chinese invasion. As tensions escalate, China continues to send larger and larger groups of warplanes over the sea towards Taiwan as a show of strength. Last weekend, China flew 71 aircraft, including warplanes, around Taiwan in military exercises.

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