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July 22, 2022
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July 26, 2022

The SUNGAR Low Altitude Air Defence Missile System, which Roketsan developed after the version that could only be launched from the platform, can now be launched from the shoulder by a single soldier.

President of Defence Industry Ismail Demir announced the news on social media.

“Our portable air defence missile system SUNGUR is at the service of Turkish soldiers with its new version launched from the shoulder by a single soldier after platforms!” said Prof. İsmail Demir.

He continued, “We delivered the first batch of SUNGUR Missile System to the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), which is effective against UAVs, jets, and helicopters. The SUNGUR Missile System stands out with its imaging infrared-seeking head, which is resistant to deception countermeasures with a longer range than its counterparts, and the ability to lock on to an enemy from a greater distance than the eye can see. We will no longer be dependent on abroad, I congratulate everyone who contributed to the design, development, and production of this system. Like we always say; if something is man-made, we can do it the best. Greetings to our defence industry family who work with the love of this country and nation!”

SUNGUR Air Defence Missile System Features


  • Maximum Range: 8 km
  • Minimum Range: 500 m
  • Altitude: Up to 4 km (From sea level)
  • Target Set: Fixed Wing Aircraft, Rotorcraft, Unmanned Air Vehicles
  • Operation Mod: Lock on Target Before Shooting


  • Lock on Before Shooting
  • Resistant to Countermeasures
  • Automatic Target Tracking
  • ±40 Degree Angle of View


  • Highly Explosive Partial Penetrating Warhead and Impact Fuze (Insensitive Ammunition, Type 4, Liquid Fuel Fire and Bullet Strike)


  • Launcher Motor: Separation in Launch Tube Fuze (Insensitive Ammunition, Type 4, Liquid Fuel Fire, and Bullet Strike)
  • Flight Motor: Double Staged Solid Fuel Rocket Engine (Insensitive Ammunition, Type 4, Liquid Fuel Fire, and Bullet Strike)
  • Guidance and Control: Infrared Imaging Seeker with Terminal Guidance/ High Maneuverability and Agile Performance Capability
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