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April 13, 2017
Altay waits decision
April 15, 2017
Submarine Offer by Gölcük to Jakarta

Gölcük Shipyard has made an offer for the Type 214 class diesel electric submarine to the Indonesian Navy. According to the announcement made by the service, negotiations have been going on since the beginning of 2017. Gölcük Shipyard will host a group of officials from Jakarta on 7-12 May who will observe the work carried out on the first submarine of the class, Pirireis (S 330), which is still under construction.

Type 214 submarines were developed for Turkish Naval Forces, who will take delivery of six submarines in total. The submarines have a length of 67,6 m, a beam of 6,3 m and can reach a maximum speed of 20 kt submerged. Reis class subs are equipped with 533 mm torpedoes such as Raytheon Mk 48 Mode 6 and Atlas Electronics DM2A4.

It is anticipated that Gölcük Naval Shipyard will complete delivery of the six submarines by 2025.

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