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July 7, 2020
Huge Armoured Enginering Vehicle Order
July 9, 2020
Submarine Moved on Land

Transportation of major combatant ship operation on land is also a method used during the 1453 Istanbul Siege. Although it has been used many times in history to transfer large military watercraft between two locations, it is not a common method today.

Iran, which is often come to on the agenda of the defence industry with strange and sometimes reverse engineering steps, has seen in the social media with a very interesting move this time. A video on social media showed that one of the three Project 877 Kilo-class submarines of the country was transported by land road. It was seen that the platform, which was allegedly transferred to the Naval base in Bandar Abbas, was loaded on a low-bed trailer connected to two tow trucks. Although it is a frequently used method to transport small boats with light displacement by land vehicles; this way is not common to transport a huge submarine which empty displacement is 2,300; diving displacement is 3,000-3,950 tons.

Project 877 Kilo-class platforms, which Iran received from Russia in the early 1990s, are currently the largest submarine operating in the Persian Gulf. Underwater vessels, which have a diesel-electric propulsion system, have been modernized over the years within Iran's domestic facilities. Although there is no clear information about what kind of changes are being made, Tehran is thought to integrate domestic systems into the platforms. It is stated that Kilo-class submarines equipped with 533 mm torpedoes can dive to a maximum depth of 300 meters and have 45 days endurance.

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