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September 1, 2020
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September 3, 2020
Su-57 Will be Hidden On The Ground

New covers will be produced for the Su-57 fighter aircraft, which Russia attaches importance to with its low radar cross-section technology and started mass production. When the plane is parked on the ground, it will be covered with these covers that deflect the radar signals. Thus, it will be difficult to determine where the aircraft is stationed not only in the air but also on land. These covers will also be covered with special covers that help protect the aircraft parts from the weather. Protective covers will be used on fuselage, wings, cockpit, stabilizers, air nets, wheels and other components.

Since mass production of the Sukhoi Su-57 began last year, the developers have announced a number of add-ons for the fifth-generation fighter, from new hypersonic missiles to plans that allow it to control swarms of drones.

According to the Izvestia Newspaper, the delivery of these special covers, which will be used to protect themselves from bad weather and enemy radar detection, will begin next year, while Russia's Su-57 fighter jet is in the airspace.

In addition to hiding the aircraft, the coatings will also protect the external electronics of the aircraft from harmful external influences, including antennas, sensors, radar, and optical and electronic systems.

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