China to Replace J-15 Aircraft
July 5, 2018
Italy will stop buying more F-35 fighter jets
July 7, 2018
Su-57 to Hit from 300 Kilometers

Russian Armed Forces will equip the fourth and fifth generation aircraft with stronger weapons. R-37M, developed for the next combat aircraft in the inventory, is nearing the end of its development work on the long-range air-to-air missile. The R-37M, the improved version of the R-37 missile developed during the Soviet Union era, will also be integrated into the Su-57.

While the technical details for the new missile are not disclosed, the missile may engage targets with a direct shot of 150, a cruising shot of 300 kilometers long at high speeds, according to the rumors in the defense lobes. It is believed that the missile, estimated at 500 kilograms in weight, is equipped with a 60 kilogram high explosive fragmentation warhead  and can reach 6 Mach in the final phase of the flight.

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