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November 21, 2022
Boeing Delivers 20th Chinook
November 21, 2022
STM ThinkTech Actualized Two New Exports to NATO

Having signed the 5th and 6th projects of the strategic level Resilience Decision Support Model developed for NATO, STM ThinkTech has made two new exports to NATO.

STM ThinkTech signed the 5th and 6th projects of the “Elasticity Decision Support Model” developed by NATO to support decision-making processes in the face of strategic shocks such as pandemics, large-scale power cuts, cyber-attacks and human movements. The model will be used by NATO in the validation exercise of the “Multidimensional Operations” concept and in NATO’s 2023 Crisis Management Exercise.

Under the leadership of the Presidency of Defence Industries of the Presidency of Turkey, STM Defence Technologies Engineering and Trade, which has signed critical projects and solutions in the fields of engineering, technology and consultancy, has taken another step forward in international exports with the decision support systems developed by the joint stock company.

ThinkTech, STM’s Technological Thinking Center, continues to be a solution partner to NATO with the strategic level Elasticity Decision Support Models it has developed since 2019. In this context, STM ThinkTech, which provides national and international consultancy services from the public to the private sector, has developed four decision support systems for NATO so far. The elasticity models developed by STM ThinkTech were successfully delivered to NATO Allied Command Transformation.

Elasticity Model to be Used in NATO Exercises.

With the fifth project signed between STM and NATO on 15th September 2022, STM ThinkTech’s “Elasticity Model” will be used by NATO in the validation exercise of the “Multi-Domain Operations” concept.

The sixth project was signed between STM and NATO on 7th November 2022. The contract includes the consultancy service to be provided to NATO on the use of the Integrated Resilience Model in the 2023 NATO Crisis Management Exercise.

STM General Manager Özgür Güleryüz mentioned that STM ThinkTech develops technological predictions, possible scenarios and decision support systems and said: “We produce original models from the domestic ecosystem to critical international organizations. The Elasticity Model we have developed to support NATO’s decision processes; It plays an important role in the correct analysis of the effects of large-scale, complex problems and in determining the roadmaps to be drawn by decision makers. The Aggregated Resilience Decision Support Model, which we delivered to NATO, has started to be used in NATO’s training and exercises. Now we have signed our fifth and sixth contracts with NATO. In this context, the Model developed by the expert teams of STM ThinkTech will be used by NATO’s critical units in two important exercises. As a leading company in the field of consultancy and decision support systems, as in our other fields of activity, we are honoured to carry the solutions developed by Turkish engineers to the headquarters and exercises of an international military organization such as NATO.’’

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