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March 6, 2020
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SSB Got Down Deepest

The Defence Industry Presidency (SSB) handled graphene and two-dimensional material technology, which is considered to be the future of the electronic subcomponent world and is considered the most critical component technology.

Focus Technology Networks (Odak Teknoloji Ağları/ OTAĞ) is established under the leadership of the Defence Industry Presidency within the scope of the goal of developing unique systems, subsystems and products, by investing in future technologies. This work will help manage to transform defence industry technologies.

In this context, a new one has been added to the OTAĞs in the composite and additive manufacturing critical technology fields, which were introduced before. Presentation of Graphene and Two Dimensional Material Focus Technology Network (OTAĞ) was held in SSB.

In line with the call for the SSB, the meeting, where industry, universities and research institutions came together; Over 200 distinguished academics, staff and researchers from 50 universities, 15 companies and various research centres participated.

Within this framework, studies have started to determine the point where graphene and two-dimensional material technology has reached, to set up the works to be done for the subjects that are currently being studied and planned to be considered in the future, and the actions that complement each other. Workshop activities introduced; “Electronic / Optoelectronics”, “Composites, Protective Coatings and Paints” and “Energy” will be discussed through focus working groups.

As a result of the workshop, it is aimed to determine the technology priorities by considering the talent needs of the safety and security forces, to define the methods of cooperation, and to create acquisition plans. In this context, it is planned to hold the Graphene and Two Dimensional Material Focus Technology Network (OTAĞ) Workshop Final Meeting in September 2020, and then create the road map by publishing the Graphene and Two Dimensional Material Focus Technology Network (OTAĞ) Report.

The results of this work of the SSB are expected to be more than expected. Experts reached by C4Defence pointed out that this technology paves the way for the replacement of all electronic components. There is no precise estimate of the volume of the market as it is large enough to affect the entire electronic market of the world civilian/military.

What is graphene?

When any size of the object, which is usually 3-dimensional, falls below 100 nanometres, the physical and chemical properties of the material change. Surface coatings in this form are called 2D materials or nano-coatings. This material is used in the subsystem components of defence products. For example, it operates on the sensor in the searcher head of the ammunition.

Graphene is a two-dimensional material. The shape in which carbon forms an atomic network structure is called graphene. Its electrical and thermal conductivity is very high. It is used in many sub-component applications thanks to the fact that these two features are available at the same time. The supercapacitor, display technologies, solar cells, fuel cells, heat discharge elements are examples of such products. These subcomponents are used in all electronic circuits, regardless of the platform.

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