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April 8, 2020
Intercept Trainings over Arctic
April 10, 2020
Special Ops Boat to Hellenic Navy

Neither the economic crisis it is in nor the disease can stop the arms imports of Greece.

Greece continues to be armed with imported systems. Struggling with the economic crisis on the one hand, and COVID-19 on the other, Athens received a special operations boat from the USA. Four Mark V boats acquired for the Hellenic Navy arrived in the country recently. Negotiations between the two countries began two years ago for the platforms used by the SEAL (SEa, Air, Land) units of the US Navy in their operations.

Platforms with an operational displacement of 57 tons propelled by KaMeWa K50S hydrojets driven by two 2,285 BG MTU 12V396 TE94 engines. Mark Vs, which can reach 50 knots per hour in still sea environment, can accelerate to 35 knots per hour under the conditions of Sea State 3. Boats have 550 nautical miles operational range at cruise speed can serve for 12 hours.

Mark V SOC (Special Operations Craft) is managed by a crew of five. Other staff carried can be positioned in the standing or sitting position behind the bridge. The platform, which has a special area for the deployment and maintenance of the rubber inflatable boat on the stern, allows the transportation of the necessary fuel and spare engines for the carried boat. Mark V can be equipped with different weapons such as 7.62mm machine guns, 12.7mm heavy machine guns, 40mm grenade launchers or 25mm guns.

The Turkish Armed Forces also signed a 2 + 2 SAT Fast Intervention Craft procurement agreement with Yonca-Onuk for the use of SAT (Underwater Attack) units and received the first boats. Platforms with capabilities similar to those of Mark V successfully operate in the Turkish Navy inventory.

Upper image is Mark V SOC, arrived to Greece and bottom photo belongs to Turkish SAT Fast Intervention Craft.

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