Agni-III Test-fire by Strategic Forces
April 27, 2017
Greeece gets five Chinook for 80 million USD
April 30, 2017
Shooter Detection System By ASELSAN

Turkish defence company ASELSAN's shooter detection system, YANKI, will look for new customers at IDEF 2017. YANKI system is designed to detect supersonic projectiles and to calculate shooter’s location under all environmental conditions (day/night/fog/rain/snow), using acoustic detection technology. System has three configurations (Stand-alone, moving-vehicle, wearable) to satisfy different operational concepts.

Specifically designed to ensure security of critical infrastructure, convoy and battle field cecurity troops, YANKI detects supersonic projectiles and calculates the location of shooters. 

The system increases market advantage through its easy entegration with thermal/day cameras and remote controlled gun systems using ethernet interface.

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