Nigeria to take delivery of 3 JF-17s in November
March 4, 2020
FNSS Celebrates Women’s Day
March 6, 2020
Second Delivery for Modernised Tanks

Ukraine which continues to clashes on the eastern border and the war, resumes modernisation of army.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces received the second batch of upgraded T-72 tanks, which was completed as part of the modernization of the army. The survivability of the tanks, which modernized within the Kyiv Armored Plant (Київський бронетанковий завод) has been increased. In this context, in addition to explosive reactive armour bricks, tanks equipped with slat armour. Fire control systems and optical-electrooptic systems also upgraded. In this way, platforms acquired increased situational awareness and increased off-road capability with tracks, which similar structure used in T-80 tanks. As well as Lybid digital communication systems, ASELSAN-made secure digital communication systems are also integrated on the platforms. T-72AMTs also gained capability to use barrel-launched 5 km-range Kombat missiles.

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