SM-3 Order to Raytheon
July 18, 2018
Arleigh Burke Fleet Growing
July 20, 2018
Russian Naval Weapons on Market

Russia promoted its underwater weapons to arms market. Rosoboronexport offered remote commandable torpedoes to foreign customers.

The first of these weapons, the wire-controlled TE-2 torpedo. The system, which has 533 millimeters diameter and powered by electric, can reach up to 45 knots speed and 25,000 meters range depending to variants. The system which is 8.3 meters long, and weighs 2450 kilograms. Another system is MTT. A 324-millimeter torpedo can engage targets at 600 meters deep. Other products offered by Rosoboronexport are MDM-1, MDM-2 and MDM-3 seabed mines. These mines can be used against amphibious vessels / vehicles or smaller targets when needed and have advanced countermeasures against mine sweeping systems. In addition, the company announced that GAK Mayak-2014 hydro acoustic station, MG-74ME hydroakustic countermeasures, SHAT-U broadband sweep and GKT-3M deep water sweeping equipment are also in foreign market.

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