Russia Receives First S-350 Vityaz Air Defence Systems
February 27, 2020
New Anti-Corrosion Paint for J-15 Fighter Jet
February 29, 2020
Russian Arms: Black Hole

The Russian Army's armament program may not be as bright as it may seem.

Paul Goble from Eurasia Daily Monitor wrote an article on Moscow's procurement processes and readiness rates. In the article, it is written that although it was a dream of Russian President Vladimir Putin to develop the super weapons of the future, it was considered that the necessary infrastructure for this is not available. In his article, Goble emphasized that the Russian industry, facing difficulties even maintaining of platforms. It was stated that the Kremlin failed to define the weapons inventory and provide connections in the supply network, and the information that the industrial links were not mature enough. It was also among the topics covered by the article that due to the budget problems, Russia's lateness to develop modern components and to try to work with analog equipment that many systems have lost their sensitivity. The most important reason for this was emphasized that the domestic computer industry of Russia has not reached a sufficient level. As a proof of these allegations, the two-step armament program was shown because the deadline extended to 2027 rom 2020 spending resources for the modernization of the army rather than new products.

In the analysis, the reliability of the Russian Army is controversial, although the Russian industry does not improve its capabilities; Emphasis was also placed on a black hole with weapons expired, and the balance could be shaken for the armed forces.

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