Russian Arms: Black Hole
February 28, 2020
Raytheon to Upgrade Patriots
March 1, 2020

On February 27, the Greek Ministry of Defence requested the Bank of Greece to approve a debit and a corresponding appropriation of € 5,500,000 for submarines and missile programs.

The document, which is posted on ” Transparency “, is not about new funding but a freeze on the amount approved by the last amendment. Of the money, € 1,000,000 is directed towards the completion of additional work to fully operationalize the Type 214 submarines and the “Okeanos”, sole Type 209 submarine upgraded with AIP ', to deal with damage resulting from ongoing tests and to maintain the accompanying vessels required for completion. of tests. The remaining € 4,500,000 is available to complete the Super Vita 6 & 7 rockets.

The above are two of the essential Navy pending programs and are scheduled to be completed within the year. The remaining money is expected to be credited in the first quarter of 2020.

According to a letter from the Ministry of Development and Investment, dated February 12 2020, which is available at ” DIGIA “, it is known that there is a pending amount of € 49,941.351,59 for submarines and rockets together.

More specifically, the envelope for submarines is € 25.408.284.73. The program has a budget of € 68.450.000,00, of which € 43.041.715.27 have been repaid. The corresponding amount left to pay for the rockets is € 24,533,066.86. The program has a budget of € 44.650.000,00, of which € 20.111.933.14 have been repaid.

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