Japan sees cost for Aegis Ashore doubling initial quote
July 25, 2018
Billion Dollar Penalty for Boeing
July 27, 2018
Russia Stated Wepon Deliveries

Russian Deputy Defence Alexey Krivoruchko has made a statement about the Russian Armed Forces. In the explanation,some information given about Russian Armed Forces' weapon acceptences in the secon quarter of 2018.

According to the explanation, Russia received 62 new and 70 overhauled main battle tanks and armored fighting vehicles during the period mentioned. 537 new and 214 overhauled automotive vehicles, 937 communications systems, 218 surface air missiles and over 3,000 parachutes received. Besides these, the Russian Aerospace Forces received 11 new and 21 overhauled fixed-wing aircraft, five new and 19 overhauled helicopters, one overhauled S-300 air defence system, 36 new and nine overhauled radar systems. Russian Aerospace Forces also received more than 30,000 air launched weapons in various types.

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