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December 14, 2022
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December 14, 2022
Russia Increases Weapons Production

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said last Sunday that Russia has increased its production of new generation weapons.

President Vladimir Putin has said many times that Russia is developing new types of weapons that include all existing missile defense systems, including hypersonic weapons. Since Putin sent troops to Ukraine on 24th February, Medvedev has regularly posted harsh messages on social media.

Medvedev, who serves as the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, did not give details about the weapon systems to be produced in his statements, AFP reported.  Medvedev, in a statement on the messaging application Telegram, said: “We are increasing the production of the most powerful means of destruction. This includes those based on new principles. Our enemy is not only in the Kyiv province of our homeland, Malorossiya, but in Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and a number of other places that have sworn allegiance to the Nazis.” In his statements, the term Malorossiya, which he used to describe the lands of today’s Ukraine that was a part of the Russian Empire during the tsarist period, did not go unnoticed.

On Friday, Putin made a clear reference to the nuclear attack, saying it could bring the possibility of a preemptive strike to disarm the enemy.  The Kremlin chief claimed that Russia’s cruise missiles and hypersonic systems are more modern and effective than USA systems.

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