ASELSAN Brought Domestic Solution in Solar Energy
August 25, 2020
Japan Boosts AMRAAM Stock
August 27, 2020
Russia Increases Number of Submarines in Its Inventory

The Russian Defence Ministry has signed a contract for the construction of Project 636.3 and 677 submarines. Under the agreement, the Kilo class Project 636.3 and Lada class Project 677 submarines will be built at Admiralty shipyards. Kilo class platforms are known as one of the quietest conventional submarines in the world. Project about 75 meters long 636.3's have 3 thousand 76 tons of displacement.

The Lada class project 677 is seen as the improved variant of Project 636. Fourth-generation diesel-electric Lada-class submarines are equipped with new combat systems. Lada-class platforms, which have a displacement of 25% less than the Kilo class, are equipped with an air-independent drive system.

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