AIM-120 AMRAAM Successfully Hit a Target Using the Legion Pod System
August 15, 2021
Tests of Russia’s Hybrid Submarine Magadan Completed
August 15, 2021
Rheinmetall Receives €250M Continuation Order

An international partner has placed a continuation order from Rheinmetall to supply kits for Fuchs 2-wheeled armored vehicles.

The value of this new order, which includes the first supply of spare parts, is approximately 250 million Euros.

It is stated that the delivery will take place between 2021-2023.

Fuchs 2 armored personnel carriers are the new generation of Fuchs 1 vehicles, which are widely used in Europe and in many parts of the world.

The vehicle, which has a maximum combat load of 20 tons and full amphibious capability, can carry 4 more tons compared to Fuchs 1.

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