“World’s Largest Rocket” at the Factory
March 11, 2021
Iran Unveils “Missile City”
March 15, 2021
Review of Su-35 and Su-57 from Turkey

Turkish Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank responded via the Russian website Sputnik to the message of the Russian Federal Military Technical Cooperation Service (FSMTC) that “we are ready to discuss the sale of Russian warplanes to Turkey”.

Varank stated that Russia’s next generation of warplanes, especially the Su-35 and Su-57, and Russia’s offer of cooperation in this area can be positively evaluated.

 “We evaluate our cooperation with countries on the basis of our own needs and the mutual interests of the two countries. Categorically, it is out of the question for us to say, ‘We are against the plane of country X, we are against the plane of country Y’. If there is a plane in Russia that is facing our current needs and there will be no difficulty in getting it into our own system and operating it, then of course we can get it from Russia or another country in Europe” Varank said.

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