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June 30, 2020
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July 2, 2020
Reducing Counter-Drone Diversity

Counter-drone systems, ensuring unity and critical base security; plays an important role in defending against small and medium-sized threats.

The US, which maintains its military presence in various parts of the world, has taken a new step due to the confusion in the drone systems. In this context, the number of defence systems used by the forces was reduced. With the decree published by the US Department of Defence, the type of anti-drone hardware in use has been reduced from 40 to eight. It was stated that three of the selected systems were fixed and five were portable. The list of equipment determined is as follows;

Fixed Systems:

1) FS-LIDS (Fixed Site-Low, Slow, Small Unmanned Aircraft System Integrated Defeat System) – US Army

2) NINJA (Negation of Improvised Non-State Joint Aerial-Threats) – US Air Force

3) CORIAN (Counter-Remote Control Model Aircraft Integrated Air Defense Network) – US Navy

Vehicle Mounted Systems:

4) L-MADIS (Light-Mobile Air Defense Integrated System) – U.S. Marine Corps

Portable Systems:

5) Bal Chatri – US Special Forces Command (USSOCOM)

6) Dronebuster

7) Smart Shooter

Command and Control System

8) FAAD-C2 – US Land Forces

In addition, FAAD-C2; is stated that capable of interoperability with the ADSI (Air Defence System Integrator) of the use of the Air Force and MEDUSA C2 (Multi-Environmental Domain Unmanned Systems Application Command and Control) system of the Marine Corps.

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