Bell Is Awarded $ 510 Million Contract
August 26, 2018
New Helicopters to India
August 28, 2018
Ready to Serial Production

Roketsan completed the OMTAS missile development program. The missile is ready for serial production. Missile is developed for the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces,and will replace the BGM-71 TOW and Milan missiles which are already in inventory.

Missile has fire and forget and fire and update modes. This allows to user for launching missile safe conditions. Missile has direct and top attack modes. OMTAS system, which is 1.8 meters long and 160 millimeters in diameter, which can be effective with a minimum 200, maximum 4000 meter range, with two-way radio frequency datalink. OMTAS is equipped with a two-stage engine, uncooled IIR system and a tandem warhead, and weighs 35 kilograms.

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