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August 4, 2022
Prof. Ismail Demir’s Motivation to Rocket Competition

The world’s most significant Aviation, Space and Technology Festival TEKNOFEST will be held at the Samsun Çarşamba Airport between August 30 and September 4.

While the countdown continues for the festival, the Rocket competition finals organized by Roketsan, have started.

Of the 455 teams that competed in the eliminations, 81 teams have earned the right to compete in the finals, and these 81 teams have shown their talents at the Samsun Airport since August 1st.

Defence Industry President Prof. İsmail Demir visited the event area and shared the competitor’s excitement.

Aksaray Governor Prof. Hamza Aydoğdu, Roketsan Chairman of the Board Prof. Faruk Yiğit and General Manager of Roketsan Murat İkinci accompanied Prof. Demir.

The visit of the leading names of the country and the industry was a great source of motivation for the young competitors.

In his evaluation of the festival, Prof. İsmail Demir said that TEKNOFEST has become the number festival in the world.

Prof. Demir continued:

“Here, the excitement, energy, and ideals of the young people participating in the festivals are as important as the size of the festival and the number of participants. When we see this excitement, enthusiasm, and effort, we are even more confident that the value of today will be understood much better in the coming years. Although these efforts of our teens may seem like small steps, we believe that they will do great things in the future thanks to the experience here. We provided radar support to young people in order to provide tracking and data acquisition of rocket fires. All their efforts are valuable. We will also follow their successes.”

Roketsan General Manager Murat İkinci also stated that they are including teens in their projects and providing them with business opportunities.

Expressing that TEKNOFEST made a significant contribution to the careers of teens, İkinci said:

“There is increasing motivation and momentum here. There is a significant amount of difference between 5 years ago and now. TEKNOFEST is also gradually institutionalizing and has begun reaching serious masses. We also want to expand the scope of our academy a little more. Everyone who attends here experiences this excitement for the rest of their lives. Our young friends work for 5-6 months and here they see the results of their work in a few seconds. Roketsan engineers also support them and there is a big synergy here. Being successful or unsuccessful makes no difference because this excitement affects young people throughout their lives. Roketsan also includes these teens in all rocket and missile activities. We are extremely proud to be here and to host the Rocket competition. As Roketsan, while we are an institution that recruits personnel through interview processes, we have come to a point where we see and touch the children who grow up in the field from the core and train them in technology and career. We are happy and pleased to be in a formation that will give them a purpose and a target to train the human resources that we see as strategic starting from high school, even secondary and primary school.”

President of Defence Industry Prof. İsmail Demir and Roketsan senior management carried out rocket firings together to support the excitement of the young competitors.

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