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March 30, 2020
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April 1, 2020
Private Contractor Expanding for CAS

The share of private enterprises in the military operations market is increasing day by day. The fields of activity of private military companies that have been active in the field for many years are also expanding in the armed aircraft market.

Blue Air Close Air Support, which operates in the USA and has customized its skills in the field of close air support, has announced that it will expand its inventory. The company, which currently has a large number of armed aircraft and helicopters, will acquire seven additional OV-10D + and OV-10G Broncos. For many years, the platforms that serve the air force of the countries will continue their duties on the Blue Air inventory.

Since May 2015, two Broncos of the company participated in 120 combat sorties in the Operation Inherent Resolve, which was carried out against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Platforms that usually support special units affiliated to the USA; It carries eight free-fall bombs, seven rockets, and 2,000 rounds. In addition to the Link-16 combat column, the Broncos also have the FLIR imaging system.

Blue Air has announced that it has purchased six PC-9s that the Royal Australian Air Force has taken out of service in recent weeks.

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