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December 7, 2022
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December 7, 2022
Patriot Support to Poland

After the missile attack on Poland, German Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht said that Poland could deploy Patriot missiles to protect its territory. Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak declared that he “welcomes” this offer.

In a tweet after his phone call with Lambrecht, Błaszczak stated that the German Defence Minister confirmed his desire to place Patriot launchers near the Ukrainian border, and that issues such as the number of launchers, variants and delivery time will be discussed in more detail by both allies. Lambrecht also offered to send Eurofighter Typhoon jets to help improve the security of Polish airspace.

In March 2022, Germany and the Netherlands sent three Patriot batteries to defend its territory to Slovakia, which shares a border with Ukraine. In April, the United States offered to deploy another battery. Slovakia donated Soviet-designed S-300 air defence systems to Kiev to support neighbouring Ukraine during the Russia-Ukraine war.

Last weeks, two people were killed by a missile that crashed into Poland. Poland believes that the missiles were caused by Ukraine, which was doing air defence against Russian army attacks.

In addition, as Poland intensifies its efforts to develop medium-range air defence capabilities, Błaszczak announced last May that it has requested six Patriot batteries from the US government. The country’s first Patriot contract is valued at $4.75 billion, with deliveries of two Configuration 3+ batteries to Poland starting earlier this year.

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