Russia Wants to Establish Military Base in Six African Countries
August 5, 2020
Armed Patrol Record
August 7, 2020
Pakistan Taken Delivery of Additional Tanks

Pakistan, which has significant disputes with India at the borderline and sometimes enters the shooting duel, continues to taking delivery of tanks.

Pakistan Army took delivery of new Al Khalid-I main battle tanks. The tank, which has a new fire control system that is more advanced than its predecessor, has reached 7 kilometers identification range. The platforms, which engagement distance was increased to 3.5 kilometers, were equipped with components such as a new generation digital driver panel, information and combat management system. In addition to the more reliable digital-based automatic loading system and ammunition information equipment, Varta electro-optic jammer was also integrated into the Al-Khalid-Is with increased survivability. The rate of fire of the main battle tank, which equipped with Sagem production third-generation thermal imagers and more advanced air conditioning system increased to nine rounds per minute.

The Al-Khalid family tanks, which have a auto-fretaged and chrome plated; modern round capable 125 mm main gun, are powered by a 6TD-2 liquid-cooled diesel engine from Ukraine and a French design 5 forward and 2 reverse gearbox. The operational range of the tanks, which can reach a 70 km/h maximum speed, is 450 km. Vehicles have welded steel hull also equipped with additional composite armour and ERA protection at various points.

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