Agni-III Test-fire by Strategic Forces
April 27, 2017
Greeece gets five Chinook for 80 million USD
April 30, 2017
PAK DA Will Fly in 2025

Russia’s next-generation strategic bomber (Perspective Airborne Complex of Long-Range Aviation/ PAK DA) is expected to carry out its first flight in 2025-2026, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov revealed on 27 April. Borisov added that serial production of the aircraft would follow in 2028-2029. 

The bomber, being developed by Tupolev Design Bureau, was initially planned to make the first test flights in 2019-2020, however delayed due to resumed production of the Tu-160M2. The new bomber will be configured to carry its armament within internal weapons bays and the aircraft will feature next-generation radioelectronic warfare systems. 

The new bomber will replace all three bombers currently in service with the Russian long-range aircraft; the Tu-22M3, the Tu-95 and the Tu-160.

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