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November 7, 2022
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November 7, 2022
OTTONOM Displayed Its Products and Solutions at SAHA EXPO

OTTONOM Engineering, which participated in the SAHA EXPO fair, brought its products and solutions together with the visitors, and signed important cooperation agreements.

İsmail Özcan, Chairman of the Board of OTTONOM Group, said these following words about the TS-K300 Thermal Shock Cabinet they exhibited at SAHA EXPO: “The product, which can be heated up to 250 degrees in the upper part of the system, can go down to the lower part by an elevator within 30 seconds. In the lower part, a cold air environment of -150 degrees can be provided and the product achieves temperature balance within a minute. Keeping a temperature of 250 degrees and a temperature of -150 degrees in the same cabin in the same system requires an important systematic, mechanical and material engineering. Components that can operate in both temperature ranges are available in our product. This product is a durable product, and our customers can use these products for up to 20 years if they maintain it at the right time. The software is completely owned by us. We made this product with the support of TUBITAK. It is an innovative product. One of the things we stand out compared to our competitors is that we can go down to -150 degrees.”

Therewithal, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed between Chairman of the Board of OTTONOM İsmail Özcan and Roketsan Purchasing Director Adil Sezengöz at the SAHA EXPO fair.

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