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November 4, 2022
OTTONOM Displayed Its Products and Solutions at SAHA EXPO
November 7, 2022
KAPGAN Shown for The First Time!

The heavy class unmanned land vehicle KAPGAN developed by HAVELSAN was shown for the first time at the International Defense, Aerospace and Space Industry Fair, Saha EXPO 2022, organized by Saha Istanbul.

KAPGAN’s introductory ceremony was attended by President of the Presidency of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir and HAVELSAN General Manager Dr. It was held at HAVELSAN stand with the participation of Mehmet Akif Nacar. At the presentation ceremony, SSB President İsmail Demir said: “Congratulations to our country, the Heavy Class Unmanned Land Vehicle KAPGAN, the new member of the autonomous family developed by our defense industry.” HAVELSAN General Manager Mehmet Akif Nacar said: “We have added a new member to our product family as part of our digital unity works since 2019.”

HAVELSAN produced its 4th autonomous vehicle after the Digital Unity Technologies R&D studies started in 2019. HAVELSAN, which first produced the medium class autonomous unmanned land vehicle BARKAN in 2020, produced the subcloud unmanned autonomous aerial vehicle BAHA with vertical take-off and landing capability in 2021. HAVELSAN managed to release 2 more vehicles to the field within the scope of Digital Unity Technology this year. Having introduced the surface unmanned autonomous sea vehicle SANCAR, which was introduced in the past months, HAVELSAN has now developed the heavy class unmanned land vehicle KAPGAN. Thus, HAVELSAN became the first company with an autonomous product family in land, air and sea. The heavy class autonomous unmanned land vehicle KAPGAN is also the first in Turkey with its 30*113-millimeter weapon system with an effective range of 2 kilometers.

The heavy class unmanned land vehicle KAPGAN stands out with its 30×113 mm weapon system. This weapon system, which has armor-piercing features against land and air targets, will have an effective range of 2000 meters. Weapon systems of different types and calibers can also be integrated into KAPGAN, which will reach a weight of 2 tons with its weapon system. With its wheeled structure providing high maneuverability, KAPGAN will have superior operational capability in all weather and terrain conditions and in different visibility conditions. Apart from other useful loads to be used in the tactical field, there will be interfaces on the platform to carry loads when deemed necessary.

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