Russian Firepower Power to Egyptian Ships
January 8, 2020
Kuwaiti Typhoon Made Maiden Flight
January 10, 2020
Order Time for Iron Fist

Due to the increasing asymmetric threat, the use of active protection systems is becoming common. Elbit Systems has announced an order for the Iron Fist active protection system.

A new step has come from Israel to increase the survivability of the new generation Eitan 8×8 wheeled vehicles. Elbit Systems has announced an agreement with the Israeli Defence Forces to procure Iron Fist active protection systems. The number of systems to be procured was not announced under the $ 31 million and five-year aggreement. Eitans will replace the M113 armored personnel carriers and will be equipped with Iron Fist.

Iron Fists provide enhanced protection against threats such as rocket-propelled grenades and anti-tank missiles like its predecessor Trophy systems. With insensitive ammunition, system does not pose a risk to the carrier platform and has low collateral damage. With four radars and two different sensor systems (RF and IR), Iron Fist provides 360-degree protection in all environments and weather conditions. Launchers of the system can be reloaded in field conditions. 

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