European Export Tank
June 11, 2018
Lockheed Martin, Delivers 300th F-35 Fighter
June 13, 2018
NUROL Makina presents NMS 4x4to Meet Different Requirements with Single Vehicle

Nurol Makina presents its most recent product NMS 4X4 at Eurosatory. Adding modularity to mobility performance and protection level, the vehicle provides new opportunities to its users.  With the NMS 4×4, Nurol Makina responds to different protection level and payload requirements with a single platform. The vehicle features scalable armour, offering a protection levels ranging from 1–4, and the level of ballistic protection the platform offers can be further adjusted according to specific needs through the addition or removal of armour plates from its hull. These adjustments do not have to be the same all around the vehicle. For instance, based on user preferences, the vehicle’s engine and personnel cabin can be granted higher protection, while the payload section at the rear can feature lower protection levels, effectively multiplying the number of alternative mission configurations available to the user.

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