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September 29, 2020
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October 1, 2020
New Tent for Cybersecurity


US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Centre, (CCDC SC), is working on a new tent to keep cold outside and electromagnetic signals inside. CCDC SC cooperates with industry to develop a new shelter fabric that will increase durability in sub-zero conditions and provide electromagnetic, (EM) shielding. The EM shielding will prevent the detection of EM emissions that are generated within a Command Post shelter and provide cybersecurity to Command Post wireless networks.

Kristian Donahue, a chemical engineer in Expeditionary Manoeuvre Support Directorate (EMSD) at CCDC SC, explained that they were able to successfully develop a new GP tent material that eliminates the low-temperature durability issues, a significant milestone which will help benefit the EM shielding work as well.

“Our goal is to also add additional functionality to this GP tent fabric by integrating an electromagnetic shielding material into the GP fabric,” said Donahue. “This EM shielding fabric will prevent the EM emissions generated within a Command Post shelter from being detected by adversaries, as well as provide cybersecurity to wireless networks operating within the CP.”

Donahue explained that EM shielding is important for both security and Soldier safety.

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