Indonesia to Modernise Frigate
March 11, 2020
Corona Epidemic at Navy
March 13, 2020
New Sa’ar 6 Underway Trials

Waters do not cool in the Eastern Mediterranean. New ships will be added to the region where the navy platform density is one of the highest in history, has been intense.

The first Sa'ar 6 class corvette built for the Israeli Navy began maritime trials. The platform, which is considered to be INS Magen, was seen by ship spotters during the test run in Kiel. The ships built in Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems facilities have a hull structure that reduces the radar cross section area. Within the scope of the program, in which four corvettes will be built in total, the weapon systems acquired from different countries will be integrated into the platforms. Sa'ar 6 class corvettes, will be equipped with 76mm main gun produced by Oto Melara, two Typhoon remote-controlled weapon systems, C-Dome close-in-weapon system, Barak-8 air defence missiles launched from 32-cell vertical launch system, 16 Gabriel V equivalent naval missiles and two 324 mm torpedo tubes. Platforms to be equipped with a sensor suite including the EL / M-2248 MF-STAR AESA radar have a helipad and hangar for a 10-ton class helicopter. Sa'ar 6s are 90 meters long, 13 meters wide and have 1900 tons of displacement.

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