Ka-52 Alligator Helicopters For the Egyptian Armed Forces
August 5, 2018
France will be Up-Armored with Scorpion
August 7, 2018
New LPD Launched

Indonesian PT PAL Shipyard has announced Indonesia's sixth LPD (Landing Platform Dock) launch. The ship, which will serve with 594 Pennant number and christened as KRI Semarang, is the third LPD built indigeniously in Indonesia. The ship, which was ordered in January of 2017, was laid in August of the same year.

Makassar Class LPDs of Indonesian Navy has designed by Korean Daesun Shipyard in line with the demands of the Indonesian Navy. The last three of the 125-meter-long vessels were built in Indonesia. The platform, which weighs 7,800 tons, is capable of carrying 218 marines. First three ships can manage tyree, last three ships can operate five helicopters. Ships are armed with severeal different kind weapons and managing by crew of 126.

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