Successful Test Firing of Brahmos to Validate Service Life Extension
July 17, 2018
Russian Naval Weapons on Market
July 19, 2018
New IFV to Russian Armed Forces

Russian Armed Forces is preparing to take delivery of Kurganets-25 infantry fightin vehicles. The first Kurganets-25 will be delivered to the Russian Armed Forces in 2019. In the statement made about the vehicles, it was stated that JSC Kurganmashzavod signed an agreement for low rate initial production of the  these vehicles. Russian Armed Forces will be subjected to extensive testing for adaptation after deliveries.

The Kurganets-25 was developed to take the place of the aging infantry fighting vehicles in the Russian inventory. The platform weighs 25 tons, designed with modular construction. Vehicle has a a crew of three and it has two variants as heavily armed and lightly armed. Heavyly armed version can carry up to six to seven personnel and lightly armed version can carry seven to eight personnel. Powered by a 800 horsepower engine, the vehicle can be adapted to different tasks thanks to its modular structure. The Kurganets-25 will have modular armor that can be upgraded for specific threats. The platform, which has an active protection system with a coverage of 360 degrees and armed with Shipunov 2A42 dual feed 30mm gun, 7.62mm PKTM coaxial machine gun and Kornet anti-tank missile integrated into Bumerang BM remote controlled weapon station. Equipped with a advanced situational awareness system. All weapons and ammunition are isolated from the personnel compartment for crew safety, the vehicle has a firing port that allows the soldier shoot with its own weapon at the rear door.

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