42-Hour Flight By Gray Eagle
August 21, 2017
Meteksan Defence Wins Arm Wrestling
August 23, 2017

China’s North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) has unveiled new VN-17 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) for the first time during the Armour Day it held in Baotou, Inner Mongolia from 15-16 August.

The company refers to its new product as a “brand-new generation of 30 ton heavy tracked armoured vehicles with the protection level of tanks”.  Featuring the same powerpack, transmission, tracks, armoured protection, and information systems with the company's VN-5, VN-17 differs from it with its engine being at the front to the right of the driver to create space for an infantry compartment at the rear. 

VN-17 was seen with a remote controlled turret armed with 30 mm cannon, two HJ-12 anti-tank missile launchers, and a panoramic electro-optical system on its roof.

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