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October 14, 2020
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New HMMWV at MRAP Level

The new version of NXT 360 is unveiled in AUSA. AM General introduced the new variants of the Humvee/HMMWV light armoured wheeled vehicle. The vehicles called the NXT 360 and provide MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) level protection. 

The NXT 360 is described as the next-generation Humvee lightweight tactical vehicle configuration with simplified maintenance and aerodynamics. The NXT 360 has a gross vehicle weight of 6,400 kg and is powered by a 205 hp 6.5V V8 turbocharged diesel engine, which gives a power-to-weight ratio of 32 hp/t; the engine is linked to a 4 speed electronically controlled transmission, a 2-speed transfer case being fitted for improving cross country mobility at very low speeds. The 95 litres fuel tank ensures a 400 km range.

NXT 360 ES has optional bolt-on armour for a higher level of kinetic energy protection. Up-armoured version weighs 7,000 kg. 

AM General said the new vehicle provides the expected level of speed, mobility and agility in rugged terrain in all weather conditions, and will be equipped with a long motion suspension for the platform's manoeuvrability.

None of the two NXT 360 versions is in production yet


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