Asia-Pacific Attack from Israel
February 19, 2020
NATO Celebration for Turkey
February 21, 2020
New Fleet Replenishment to Royal Netherlands Navy

The Netherlands will procure a new logistics support vessel to improve the offshore logistics support capability of the navy.

A new construction agreement has been signed to improve the offshore logistics support and supply capability of the Royal Netherlands Navy. According to Damen's announcement, more than a hundred Dutch companies will take part in the agreement, which signed in Den Helder. Damen Shipyard was chosen as the main contractor within the scope of the project, which will be carried out under the responsibility of the Defence Material Organization, the defence procurement agency of the country.

The length of the ship, which can serve at any point in the world, is planned as 200 meters. Thanks to its advanced automation infrastructure and electronic systems, the platform, which can be managed with a crew of 75 people, will have additional areas for the accommodation of 75 people. With its 20 container carrying capability, the ship will have 6% reduced fuel consumption compared to its predecessor HNLMS Karel Doorman (A 833), thanks to its hull design and propeller structure developed with special fuel consumption and exhaust emissions in fore. The new logistics support vessel, which is expected to be completed in 2024 and announced to operate under the name of HNLMS Den Helder, will become operational in the second quarter of 2025. The budget allocated for the vessel is announced as 375 million Euros.

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