F-35B Alternative for Dokdo
September 11, 2018
Korea Exhibits CBRN Recon Vehicle II
September 13, 2018
National Sniper from MKEK: KNT-76

Mechanical and Chemical Industry Institution (MKEK) developed the Sniper Rifle KNT-76 from the National Infantry Rifle MPT-76 and rifle is under serial production. KNT-76 is produced in Kırıkkale Arms Factory like MPT-76. The rifle with the same ” Gas Operated Rotary Bolt Action” mechanism can fire semi-automatically. The MPT-76 could fire fully automatic and semi-automatic. Tigger sensitivity in the KNT was reduced by five Newtons. This allows the trigger to move with less pressure. This drop will prevent the involuntary movement of the barrel due to trigger movement. The KNT-76 weighed 500 grams heavier while the magazine capacity remained same. Effective range increased from 600 meters to 800 meters thanks to barrel extended from 406 mm to 508 mm. MOA is reduced to 1.5 MOA in KNT-76. In MPT-76 it was 4 MOA.

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