Japanese interest in the Middle East
January 5, 2020
Russian Firepower Power to Egyptian Ships
January 8, 2020
MEHS for Turkish Navy

Another program launched for the locally-built critical sub-components of the platforms operating in the Turkish Navy is finished. In this way, the electronic warfare capability of the Turkish Naval Forces has been increased.

In the statement made by the Presidency of Defence Industries; ASELSAN's MEHS (Milli elektronik Harp Suiti / National Electronic Warfare Suite) integrated third and fourth Yavuz Class frigates and platforms delivered to the Navy. Under the contract signed in 2013, MEHS was integrated into the TCG Yavuz (F 240), TCG Turgutreis (F 241), TCG Fatih (F 242) and TCG Yıldırım (F 243).

National Electronic Warfare Suite developed for surface platforms includes Marine Electronic Support System, Marine Electric Jamming System, Decoy Launcher, Laser Warning System, Infrared Search and Tracking System and EW Suite Operator Console. In addition to the ability to associate threats, prioritize, using active and passive countermeasures, proposing maneuvers to the platform. The system is capable of directing RF energy in a dynamic threat environment. The suite, which can perform data record analysis and database editing operations, can also be integrated into the ship battle management system.

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