“WildCat” Passed First Test
February 23, 2017
Predator to retire
February 25, 2017
MEADS insists for Wisla

The MEADS International consortium submits new MEADS bid to Poland. The consortium has updated bid for Poland's Wisla medium-range air-defence system. The company opens now about 40% of the workshare for the system, including the development of the P-18PL multi-functional long-range VHF radar system that can be used for airspace monitoring and early warning. The radar system could potentially be added into the MEADS system and could also act as a complementary sensor.

Poland was interested in system back in 2014 but MEADS  was discounted from the competition as it was not already in operation with an international military.  As Germany selected the system for its Taktischen Luftverteidigungssystem, MEADS returned into the competition.

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