Turkish Armed Forces Modern Ammunition Disposal Plant
February 5, 2020
US Space Radar Become Operational
February 7, 2020
Logistics Problem of the Polish Air Force

With the transition from the Warsaw Pact to the NATO Pact, Poland is facing great difficulties in terms of logistics. It is stated that the Polish Air Force has a problem with the operationalities of the F-16 and Mig-29 fleets. It is stated that only 30-40 per cent of the fleet is in service with the difficulties in bringing the platforms into operation. The Onet news website, which researches the subject, spoke about the complexity with the Polish Parliament MP Joanna Kluzik-Rostkowska. Kluzik-Rostkowska announced that the Polish Air Force had trouble keeping the F-16 and MiG-29 fleet running. MP said that she had asked the Minister of Defence questions about the situation but could not receive an answer.

During the international Defence and Security Monitor conference in Bucharest in October 2019 cooperating with the Ministry of National Defence and lecturing at Polish military universities, Prof. Thomas Darell Young said that currently there are only 23 such pilots. This means that even with full combat readiness of Polish F-16, only half of them would be able to rise in the air.

There are thoughts that the Polish Government has bought the F-35, instead of repairing the platforms to cover the problems in the media.

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