Qatar Submarine in the Arabian Gulf
February 6, 2020
Spain to Join on European Patrol Corvette Program
February 9, 2020
US Space Radar Become Operational

The USA continues its attempts to increase its space capability. In addition to the investments made in space based observation and navigation systems, studies initiated for the observation of space are also close to conclusion.

According to a senior official from the US Department of Defense, Air Force is very close to activating the radar that it will use in its mission to observe objects in orbit. The Combined Space Operations Center, which is planned to reach operational capability next month and is called Space Fence, will be able to monitor the mobility in the outer atmosphere and provide data to the Air Force's Space Observation Network. The system developed for the observation of the Low Orbit is also expected to track objects in the Medium Earth Orbit.

Space Fence, which based on Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshal Islands, will work with other systems in the US as it does not have the capability to track small objects constantly.

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