Mexico Gets Evolved Seasparrow Missiles
August 11, 2018
Additional ASELPOD to Air Force
August 14, 2018
L-159T2 Made Maiden Flight

Czech Aero Vodochody announced that the T2 model of the L-159 advanced jet trainer made its maiden flight.

The first flight of the 6028 tail numbered flight lasted 30 minutes. In the T2 model, the front and center fuselage hass been renewed. Improvements were made to the fuel system. Indicators became suitable with NVG (Night Vision Goggle). Two MFDs (Multi Function Display) integrated to each cockpit. Ejection seats were replaced with a more advanced model of the VS-20. The plane also has a pressurized refueling system. The Grifo radar, which is integrated to single seater models, is also integrated in the twin seat model. Besides all these, the aircraft also has countermeasures and a radar warning system.

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