New Helicopters to Philippines
July 31, 2018
New Weapon to Russian Boats
August 2, 2018
Korean Armed Forces Reducing

The Republic of Korea has announced its new military reform program. The aim of the program is further strengthening against uncertainty of areaand to meet the growing demand by developing technology and increasing efficiency.

The program is named Defence Reform 2.0. Reform's aim is “Outlining the rationale for the initiative”. With this program, Korean Army aims peace in the region between North Korea and Northeast Asian countries to be more effective. In addition to overlap with the Industry 4.0 owned hardware capabilities of the armed forces and ensuring compliance is shown as one of the main objectives of the program. Besides, the Republic of Korea, raising the efficiency of personnel management, shortening the mandatory military service, to realize structural changes in the high command, , the establishment of the new command structure for land forces, ruducing general number from 436 to 360 until 2022 and reducing number of active personnel until 2022 from 618,000 to 500,000.

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