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December 7, 2022
Korea Opens Diplomatic Mission in NATO
December 7, 2022
Japan Demonstrates Missile Defence Capability

Japan’s Maritime Self-Defence Force successfully intercepted short and medium range ballistic missile targets with SM-3 Block IB and SM-3 Block IIA interceptors during a demonstration.

It’s the first time a non-US navy has captured targets with both interceptor variants, and it’s the first time a Japanese ship has fired the SM-3 Block IIA. The demonstration was held in partnership with the US Missile Defence Agency. Therewithal, both types of interceptors were manufactured by Raytheon Missiles & Defence, a company of Raytheon Technologies.

Tay Fitzgerald, Head of Strategic Missile Defence at Raytheon Missiles & Defence, said: “This demonstration reinforces that partners now have greater capability with the Standard Missile fighter family. Allies using the SM-3 can now collaborate more with the United States in ballistic missile defence missions.”

In support of the US-Japan SM-3 Block IIA Collaboration Development (SCD) Project, Japanese industry and Raytheon Missiles & Defence jointly produced the SM-3 Block IIA variant of the sea-land ballistic missile defence interceptor.

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