FNSS Introduces Gölge Süvari
March 3, 2020
New Candidate for US FARA Program
March 5, 2020
Israel to Deliver Surprise from Longer Distance

Israel launched the strategic plan to restructure its army. In line with the plan, it continues to acquire equipment to improve its operational capabilities.

Tel Aviv, which announced that it has initiated CFT (Conformal Fuel Tank) development studies for the F-35I Adir aircraft in the previous periods, will also increase its aerial refueling capability. In this context, the USA has approved the possible sale of new platforms, which will replace the KC-707 Re'em aircraft that are currently in use. Developed by conversion of the Boeing 707 commercial airliner to military missions, KC-707 Reems will be replaced by the KC-46A Pegasus, which is also developed from Boeing's commercial 767 platforms.

The U.S. announced  the approvval via DSCA (Defense Security Cooperation Agency). In this context, the possible sale of eight KC-46A Pegasus, one spare PW4062 turbofan engine, necessary equipment and documentation, approved.

The statement noted that the United States is committed to protecting Israel's security and interests, and that the country must have a strong defence infrastructure for US policies in the Middle East. It was stated that the sale would constitute an independent force for the US forces in the region and would create a power factor for allied forces when necessary or at war time.

In the past, Israel conducted many air raids that upon neighboring countries and destroyed the installations it thought would threaten its security. These structures included the construction site of the nuclear power plant in Iraq, the airbase that Syria had established close to the border, and the strategic targets, estimated to be Iran's uranium enrichment facility. Aiming to significantly extend the range of the F-35I Adirs with CFTs, ​​Tel Aviv will increase its deep-strike capability a few times with the more capable KC-46A Pegasus refueling than Re'ems. In this way, the Israeli Air Force will be able to reach the targets of the countries of the region in strategic depth without being determined.

The Israeli Air Force (Israeli Air Force / IAF) frequently used the customized F-15 and F-16 for their needs in these assaults. Israel also acquired F-35A Lightning aircraft, upgraded and customized line with requirements in terms of software and hardware. New aircraft added to inventory with a name of F-35I Adir. The process of equipping the F-35s with additional fuel tanks without disrupting the low radar cross section area thanks to its special body structures was launched last year. In this way, it is aimed to increase the operational range of these platforms. At the end of the program, the F-35I Adirs, equipped with CFTs, ​​will carry the surprise effect of the attack to a longer range and will make sneak attacks deep into the hostile geography in the first wave.

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