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March 4, 2020
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Domestic Weapons of Turkey at Operation Spring Shield: Part-1 Small Arms

The use of domestic weapons in Operation Spring Shield is a success story for the Turkish defence industry. However, this situation has a different meaning.

Turkish Armed Forces (Türk Silahlı Kuvvetleri / TSK) used foreign weapons for many years in the Internal Security Operation. Turkey, which provided feedback about materials to manufacturers and has played an important role in the product development process with continuous feedback. For this reason, the fact that a Turkish Army Provement to weapon system provided an important sales advantage for the companies. The use of domestic weapons, which were taken to the army inventory step by step, increased day by day. The domestic technology products that have been successfully used against terrorist groups and have seen on the field against the regular army for the first time in Operation Spring Shield. The operation, which has been going on since February 27, 2020, has shown that domestic weapons have new abilities that many countries would like to see in their own power. This does not mean using weapons only on the field of operation. These experiences also mean that they can go beyond the era with the feedback coming from TSK and open their export doors to them.

Here are those systems;

  • MKE 40 mm Automatic Grenade Launcher,
  • JMK Bora-12 7.62 mm sniper rifle,
  • KNT-76, 7.62 mm designated marksman rifle,
  • MKE HAR-66 rocket launcher,
  • MPT-55 5.56 mm assault rifle family,
  • MPT-76 7.62 mm assault rifle family,
  • MKE 40 mm Multiple Grenade Launcher,
  • MKE 12.7mm anti-aircraft gun

In addition to pistols produced by Canik, Girsan, Sarsılmaz and TİSAŞ, as well as unconfirmed information from the field, Sarsılmaz and Kale production infantry rifles also fielded in the operation region. In addition to domestic production rifle grenade launchers, infantry rifles and machine guns produced by the MKEK under license in the past are also actively used in the field.

Our news about the other domestic systems used by the Turkish Armed Forces in the Spring Shield Operation will continue.

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